the goal is to get an overview especially for protools switcher including some findings from the Reaper Forum and more or less a summary of the Reaper User Guide
below you can (hopefully) find some useful stuff,…

I've started a Google+ community with links, hints and tricks for Reaper → Reaper unofficial support Group

(I'll post any new hints/updates on +community only by now)

I also highly recommend Jon Tidey's Reaper blog, It's a great site with a lot of tips/ hints →

(thanks Jon, I very much appreciate your work!)


  • AVID ProTools quality and pricing forces people to look out for alternatives
  • native 64bit
  • offline bouncing (non-realtime, but also realtime bouncing possible)
  • Automatic Delay Compensation
  • VST, VSTi, AU, AUi, Rewire, JS, native Plugin Support
  • usable with any audio interface even with internal soundcard
  • insert Outboard stuff via ReaInsert Plugin, provides automatic Delay Compensation on hardware inserts
  • no limitations
  • highly customizable, shortcuts, macros, themes, etc,…
  • openness: in the forum, features can be actively discussed directly with developers
  • absolute fair pricing → $40: discounted license → you are an individual or business, using REAPER for commercial use, and the yearly gross revenue does not exceed USD $20,000.
  • all internal processing is done at 64 bit floating point to get the highest internal resolution and headroom → about 64-bit floating point sample pipeline for high quality … ProTools HD has a 48bit mixbus → Gain Staging and Headroom
  • Development: Extension SDK, JS Scritable, ReaScript (Perl or Python scripts),…


Audiotrack, Instrumenttrack, Miditrack, FXtrack, Bus, Aux,…. everything is simply a “Track
Reaper makes makes no inherent distinction between a Bus,… and a Track, the difference is determined solely by how you use it.
(* 2.23 Using an FX Bus)


Folders are a way to group Tracks together.
More or less like a summing bus in Protools eg. to control all drumtracks via Bus: 1kick,2snare,3oh,… output Bus1-2 → Bus1-2 → Master

Howto create a Folder containing all drumtracks:

  1. create new track above drumtracks, let's call it eg: “DrumBus”
  2. on the new “DrumBus” track click the folder icon (left beside “io”). Now every track below will be a child of this “DrumBus” which means every track is routed through this “DrumBus” track,… but no worries
  3. click the folder icon of the last drumtrack to mark it as the last child track of the “DrumBus”

(refer to for more information,…)