midnams & reabank


Pro Tools on Mac OS X supports XML for storing and importing patch names for external MIDI devices.
Usually, several MIDI patch name files (.midnam) are installed for the factory default patch names of many common MIDI devices.
refer to http://archive.digidesign.com/support/tips/xnames.html for more information

Why midnams are useful?
With use of midnams in ProTools you can access your FX via midi.
So, you can save presets information of external FX within your ProTools session and it will automatically recalled on session start, you can switch them, even automation can be done (depends on fx) etc,…

here is a list of midnams created and proofed by me:

  • TC Electronic Fireworx
  • TC Electronic Reverb 4000
  • Eventide Eclipse
  • Lexicon 300
  • Lexicon PCM 80
  • Roland SRV-330
  • Dynacord DRP 20X
  • Franks Cave FX CHAIN → special merged midnam
    ( ch1:Lexicon 300, ch2:Lexicon PCM-80, ch3: Eventide Eclipse, ch4: TC-Fireworx, ch5: Dynacord DRP-20x)
  • etc.

Some midi patch name files developed by me can be found at http://digicake.com/midnams/ (digicake studio/auckland ) which is the best source of midnams anyway.

If you need midnams which can't be found on the net drop a line to office@hd-recording.at , I can help you to reverse engineer and develop such a midnam for you,…


since a lot of studios move away from ProTools I got asked if I can provide the patchname information for other DAW like Reaper.

In Reaper you can import Patchname files (*.reabank) or instrument definition files (*.ins)

Where to find reabank files:

To start with it you need to use the the plugin “ReaControlMidi” and load the reabank/ins files

Good source for technical details about reabank: The Art of REAPER MIDI Patch Banks - http://www.djemberecords.com/reaper_files/Art_of_Reabanks.pdf