Zyxel P660HW-D1

login to the route via telnet.

get some dsl connection infos:

view up and down sync rate

wan adsl chandata 

display near/far end errors

wan adsl perfdata


solve troubles with NAT via CLI!

The Prestige does not limit the number of the users but the number of the sessions. The P-660HW-Dx v2 supports 2048 sessions that you can use the 'ip nat session' command in CLI to see. You can also use p nat hashTable wanif0 to view the current active NAT sessions.

When you select this option, this remote node will use default SUA Address Mapping Set. You can see it in CLI by command ip nat lookup 255 .

for some reasons it could be that Upnp keep some orphaned portforwardings, so if you like to configure portforwardings manually via webgui SUA and get some duplicate port errors still after you disabled upnp, still on reboots and still after firmware upgrade, loggin to the CLI and reset nat ports ip nat resetport

reset/clear nat tables

ip nat resetport

nat session number per host

ip nat session

list active nat sessions

ip nat hashTable wanif0

nat lookup

ip nat lookup 255

displays port forwarding

ip nat server disp