about forums and blogs:

first of all I suggest to read a comment from trent reznor (nine inch nails) about online communities.
then you may understand why information out of forums, blogs and communities are not always useful but even in most cases simply fucking crap! you shocked?
I just need to say: be careful, practice yourself to be a journalist, verify your findings and distinguish between good, qualified information and bullshit!
internet is a good thing to spread information. unfortunately also for bad, evil, incomplete, blaah and useless things. it may be the truth or not, or just for marketing or manipulating, it's partially up to you what is gonna to be pushed.
have a care!

– nean

D.A.W project

new project for the perfect hackintosh based Digital Audio Workstation

D.A.W project (Digital Audio Workstation)


I strongly recommend REAPER as this is the most innovative and open audio production software which i've seen for years,…
Forget all the other overrated and overprized products out there, give reaper a chance and you'll see recording and editing wasn't easier and better to use!
Our last tests shows that reapers internal 64bit engine sounds much better than the 48bit ProTools HD System. Thats why one of our supported studio is using REAPER for bouncing!
get REAPER for just 40USD!!

project sunplugged

a very special project we did summer 2009:
the location was just awesome an we were inspired to do recordings there. (thanks haze)
we had no possibilities to get power from public electricity grid, so we've realized autonomous recording with power comming from photo-voltaic system and/or a diesel generator set.
this was a very difficult setup, especially to get stable and clean power not only for the recording equiment such like as: computers, preamps, interfaces, mixers,.. also backline got power from this source → special thanks to APC for supporting us (APC apple support is great!)

here are some impressions: