hd-recording.at is an online-platform dedicated to “Digital audio recording”, based on years of experience and support for several national as well as international recording studios, producers, artists and companies.

what we have to offer:


handy hints and tricks all around hd-recording on Apple and Windows-DAW (Digital audio workstation) as: Reaper, ProTools, Digital Performer, Logic Studio, Nuendo, Cubase, Samplitude,… ( ISP system engineering …), engineering, beta testing, …


  • Recording of concerts and events with up to 26 separate audio-tracks; using professional mobile DAW- systems; also Mixdown, Mastering …
  • Music for tv-, film-, radio- and theater productions,
  • Technical and organizational support for your projects.
  • Consulting on the acquisition, setup and configuration of new equipment.
  • Live- video recording in HD including the use of a camera crane, steady cam, “scout-cam”; either as a live cut with a director or with professional postproduction.


We can also recommend and connect you to our network of professional recording studios, mastering studios, labels, distributors, producers, musicians …


Customizing and modding of drums; available also is a portable prototype “nean drum – the pod”

:-x please understand that we have to keep our sources and references confidential. :-x
(because of non-disclosure agreements it's not allowed to chatter here)